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Käsintehdyt slaavilaiset yksinkertaiset "temppeli"-korvakorut

Käsintehdyt slaavilaiset yksinkertaiset "temppeli"-korvakorut

Normaalihinta €52,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €52,95 EUR
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  • Handcrafted Slavic elegance from the 12th Century
  • Crafted with care by expert artisans
  • Unique temple ring design, rich in history
  • Made of premium quality bronze
  • Perfect blend of heritage and beauty
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Delve into the past with these Handcrafted Slavic Simple "Temple" Earrings, an embodiment of Slavic history and artistry from the 12th century. Crafted meticulously by skilled hands, these bronze earrings revive a piece of the medieval Slavic soul.

Temple rings, as they were known, played a significant role in the attire of Slavic peoples, a tradition that spanned centuries and influenced even the Franks and Alemannic tribes. More than mere adornments, these rings were knotted into hair or woven into headbands, marking cultural identity and elegance.

These earrings, inspired by historical models, bring the aura of Slavic ancestors to the modern world. They represent not just the craftsmanship of the era but also the spirit of a people connected deeply with their heritage. In wearing them, you carry forward a tradition of beauty and historical significance.

Handmade in Spain, these bronze marvels are a testament to the enduring allure of Slavic design. Wear them to embrace the legacy of the Slavs, celebrating both their artistic achievements and your connection to history.



Color: Bronze
Weight: TBD
Size: x cm (please specify the size)

Materials: High-quality Bronze

Made in Spain, these earrings connect you to a rich historical tapestry, offering a unique piece of the Slavic legacy to wear and cherish.

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