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Sterling hopea Viking Beard Bead Triquetra ja Kelttiläinen solmu

Sterling hopea Viking Beard Bead Triquetra ja Kelttiläinen solmu

Normaalihinta €34,95 EUR
Normaalihinta €34,95 EUR Alennushinta €34,95 EUR
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  • Handcrafted sterling silver enhances your style
  • Infuses your look with the power of Viking heritage
  • Features the Triquetra, a symbol of Norse magic
  • Connects you to the mystical practices of Odin and Freyja
  • Perfect for adorning hair or beards with Viking spirit
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The ancient Norse were as much warriors as they were magicians, weaving spells into their daily lives. The Triquetra, a cornerstone of their magical symbols, embodies this blend of might and mysticism. This emblem, etched into our sterling silver beard bead, taps into the primordial energies of the Norse cosmos.

In Norse mythology, the Triquetra is deeply entwined with the god Odin and the goddess Freyja, both patrons of Seidr magic, a form of pre-Christian Norse magic. It is said Odin, the Allfather, mastered this art with Freyja's guidance, further blurring the lines between divine power and magical prowess.

This beard bead not only adorns your beard or hair with a touch of Viking elegance but also serves as a conduit to the ancient wisdom and magical practices of the Norse. It symbolizes a connection to the natural world, the mystical forces that run through it, and the ancestral heritage that celebrates both.

Wear it as a badge of honor, a token of your affinity with nature, magic, and the Viking way of life.



Material: Sterling Silver 925
Size: Internal bead diameter approx 9mm (3/8"). Bead height 13mm (1/2").

Note: The listing is for one bead only, inviting you to mix and match to create a look that's uniquely yours.

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