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Käsin veistetty ainutlaatuinen puu, pieni Thor Liss vasarariipus, tyyli 3

Käsin veistetty ainutlaatuinen puu, pieni Thor Liss vasarariipus, tyyli 3

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  • Hand-carved Bog Oak pendant, embodying the timeless might of Thor's Liss Hammer
  • A symbol of unyielding strength and divine protection in a compact design
  • Experience the enduring legacy of Norse mythology through a piece of ancient earth
  • Expert craftsmanship ensures a unique piece, rich in history and character
  • Designed for those who carry the spirit of Norse warriors into the modern world
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The Liss Hammer, a more intimate rendition of Thor's Mjolnir, carries the profound symbolism of strength and protection, integral to Norse mythology. Despite its smaller stature, it stands as a formidable emblem of Thor's guardianship over mankind.

Crafted from Bog Oak, a wood as ancient as the myths themselves, this pendant is not merely an accessory but a portal to the past. This material, known for its remarkable durability and deep, rich patina, echoes the resilience and enduring nature of the Norse gods.

Style 3 of this pendant series offers a new interpretation of Thor's power, presenting it in a form that is both subtle and profound. It's an invitation to wear a piece of history, to carry a symbol of courage and determination that has been revered for centuries.



Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.3 cm
Work Time: 1h
Material: Bog Oak

Each pendant, meticulously handcrafted by our partner Woodzard, is a testament to the skill and dedication that goes into preserving the legacy of Norse craftsmanship. The uniqueness of Bog Oak, coupled with the artisan's touch, ensures that no two pieces are alike, offering a truly personal connection to the mythology that inspires it.

Crafted in Italy, this piece merges the ancient with the artisanal, bringing together the rich heritage of Norse mythology and the renowned craftsmanship of Italian artisans.

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