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Käsin veistetty ainutlaatuinen puinen pieni Thor Liss vasarariipus -tyyli 6

Käsin veistetty ainutlaatuinen puinen pieni Thor Liss vasarariipus -tyyli 6

Normaalihinta €31,95 EUR
Normaalihinta €28,95 EUR Alennushinta €31,95 EUR
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  • Unique Thor's Liss Hammer pendant, hand-carved from American Walnut
  • A compact symbol of Norse mythology embodying strength and protection
  • Expert craftsmanship in premium materials
  • Each piece is unique, showcasing the individuality of the wood
  • Perfect for carrying the essence of Thor in a subtle form

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The Thor Liss Hammer Pendant, style 6, offers a unique take on the traditional Mjolnir symbol. This pendant, hand-carved from American Walnut, serves as a daily reminder of Thor's might in a more personal and understated manner.

Inspired by the Liss Hammer, a smaller version of Thor's Mjolnir, this pendant captures the essence of Norse protection and strength. Despite its size, it holds the same powerful symbolism, crafted for those who appreciate the blend of artisan skill and mythological inspiration.

Hand-carved by skilled craftsmen, each pendant is a testament to the beauty of natural wood and the enduring spirit of Norse mythology. This pendant is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of courage, determination, and the protective power of Thor, made tangible in Italian Walnut.

As each pendant is uniquely handcrafted, owning one means carrying a piece of art as individual as the wearer, created by our partner Woodzard for VKNG.



Material: American Walnut

Size: 2.5 x 2.3 cm

Work Time: 1h

Made in Italy

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