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Käsin veistetty ainutlaatuinen puinen saksanpähkinäriimuri Mjolnir Triquetra riipus

Käsin veistetty ainutlaatuinen puinen saksanpähkinäriimuri Mjolnir Triquetra riipus

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Unique Wood Walnut Runic Mjolnir Triquetra Pendant

  • Hand-carved pendant featuring Runic Mjolnir and Triquetra designs, merging Norse and Celtic symbols of power and divine connection
  • Made from Italian Walnut, known for its durability and beautiful grain
  • Each pendant is unique, crafted by expert craftsmen ensuring no two pieces are identical
  • Perfect as a personal talisman or a meaningful gift, embodying strength, protection, and unity
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What does this jewelry represent?

Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of Thor, symbolizes protection and power in Norse mythology, while the Triquetra represents eternal spiritual concepts like life's stages or natural elements in Celtic beliefs. This pendant combines these elements to create a profound symbol of intercultural reverence and personal empowerment.

Carved from rich Italian Walnut, this pendant not only signifies strength and divine connection but also showcases exquisite craftsmanship. It offers the wearer a tangible connection to the ancient worlds of the Norse and Celts, intended to inspire courage and understanding in life's journey.

Note: Each pendant is a distinctive piece of art, with slight variations ensuring exclusive ownership of a truly personal item.

SKU : CW11


Size: 5 x 4.2 cm

Work Time: 3 hours

Material: Italian Walnut

Made in Italy

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