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Käsintehty Valknut Ancient Ravens Side Sterling Hopeasormus

Käsintehty Valknut Ancient Ravens Side Sterling Hopeasormus

Normaalihinta €120,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €120,95 EUR
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This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us)

  • Valknut, the symbol of Valhalla, Odin's hall
  • Accompanied by images of Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), Odin's ravens
  • Represents the Viking ambition to live bravely and earn a place in Valhalla
  • Handcrafted in sterling silver, capturing the essence of Viking courage
  • Available in quarter sizes for a custom fit (contact us)
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The Valknut symbol, featured on this sterling silver ring, is intricately connected to Valhalla, the legendary hall where Odin, the god of war, wisdom, and magic, hosts the bravest warriors. These warriors, chosen by Odin and his Valkyries, are those who lived and died with valor, destined to fight again in Ragnarok.

Flanked by the revered ravens, Huginn and Muninn, symbols of thought and memory, this ring not only embodies the physical attributes of these creatures but also their spiritual significance. The presence of ravens on the battlefield was believed to be a sign of Odin's favor, heralding the warrior's passage to Valhalla.

This ring is a powerful emblem for anyone who values the virtues of bravery, wisdom, and the pursuit of a life lived in the spirit of the Viking warriors, seeking to emulate their strength and courage.

SKu : AV25


Color: Silver
Weight: 12g
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Origin: Made with precision in Ukraine

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