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Käsintehty Vegvisir-symboli eli riimukompassi tammenlehdillä Sterling-hopea-viikinkisormus

Käsintehty Vegvisir-symboli eli riimukompassi tammenlehdillä Sterling-hopea-viikinkisormus

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €121,95 EUR
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  • Incorporates the Vegvisir, the ancient Norse symbol for guidance, with Oak Leaves and Acorn, symbolizing strength and potential
  • Each ring is custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique size
  • Constructed from the finest 925 sterling silver for lasting durability and shine
  • Also available in 14K or 18K gold, offering versatility in material choice
  • Includes a branded box, worldwide shipping, and a tracking number for secure delivery
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The Vegvisir Symbol Ring is a masterpiece of artistry and symbolism, designed to serve as a beacon of guidance and a symbol of enduring strength. This exceptional piece merges the protective power of the Vegvisir, known as the Runic Compass, with the steadfastness of Oak Leaves and Acorn, creating a talisman of unparalleled significance.

Renowned for its ability to ensure one never loses their way, the Vegvisir is complemented by the oak's symbolism of resilience, stability, and the potential for growth. This ring is more than an ornament; it's a guide for the wandering spirit, ensuring safe passage through life's trials and tribulations.

Expertly handcrafted to your specific size, this ring is a testament to personalized craftsmanship and the rich heritage of Norse mythology. Its intricate design, detailed with care and precision, encapsulates the essence of Viking spirit and the natural world's enduring power.

SKU : AV153


Color: Silver
Weight: 16-18g depending on size
Materials: 925 sterling silver, with options for 14K or 18K gold
Origin: Made in Ukraine

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