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Käsintehty Vendel Era Turtle Pronssi rintakoru x2

Käsintehty Vendel Era Turtle Pronssi rintakoru x2

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €72,95 EUR
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  • Pair of authentic turtle style brooches
  • Dates from the Vendel era, 540-790 AD
  • Geometric shapes form elaborate patterns
  • Handmade in fine bronze
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Brooches, an indispensable part of Viking attire, played a crucial role in fastening garments while also reflecting one's status and beliefs. This exclusive pair of turtle-style brooches, inspired by finds in Uppland, Sweden, harkens back to the Vendel era, a precursor to the Viking Age. These brooches embody the intricate geometric patterns and symbolic representations of the period, notably the depiction of Odin's visage through abstract art forms.

Not only do these brooches serve as a nod to historical craftsmanship, but they also symbolize the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, with each pattern hinting at deeper meanings and stories from the era. Crafted by skilled artisans, these brooches merge the elegance of the past with the quality of modern handiwork, offering a timeless piece that transcends mere decoration.



Color: Bronze

Weight: 34.0 g (each)

Size: 6 x 4 cm (each)

Materials: Bronze

Made In Spain

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