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Viking Copper Magnet Rannekoru Futhark Runes

Viking Copper Magnet Rannekoru Futhark Runes

Normaalihinta €18,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €18,95 EUR
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  • Adorned with Futhark Runes for divination and magic
  • Crafted from high-quality copper, known for health benefits
  • Integrated magnets believed to enhance energy and well-being
  • Durable and handcrafted, ensuring longevity and satisfaction
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The Viking Copper Magnet Bracelet, graced with Futhark Runes, stands as a modern amalgamation of ancient wisdom and contemporary health science. Each rune, etched into the copper, channels the mystic energies of the Norse, offering protection, insight, and might to its bearer.

Renowned not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its health-promoting properties, copper has been utilized throughout history for its beneficial effects on circulation and pain relief. This bracelet goes a step further by integrating magnets, enhancing the natural energy fields around us, aiming to boost mental focus, stamina, and overall physical well-being.

This piece is not merely decorative but a potent symbol of the Viking spirit, blending lore with the pursuit of health and balance. It’s designed for those who seek to navigate the modern world with the strength and wisdom of the ancients.

SKU : AE-CM-0100


Color: Copper

Weight: Variable

Materials: High-Quality Copper with Integrated Magnets

Embrace the convergence of style, health, and ancient tradition with this unique accessory.

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