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Viking Gjermundbu kypäräsormus 925 Sterling hopea

Viking Gjermundbu kypäräsormus 925 Sterling hopea

Normaalihinta €71,95 EUR
Normaalihinta €71,95 EUR Alennushinta €71,95 EUR
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  • Inspired by the iconic Viking Gjermundbu Helmet, embodying protection and valor
  • A tribute to the indomitable spirit of Viking warriors
  • Artisanal craftsmanship in premium 925 Sterling Silver
  • A symbol of the rich heritage and bravery of Norse history
  • Carry the essence of Viking courage daily
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The Viking Gjermundbu Helmet Ring in 925 Sterling Silver is a remarkable fusion of historical reverence and exquisite craftsmanship. The Gjermundbu Helmet, an iconic piece of Viking armor, symbolizes protection, valor, and the rich heritage of the Norse warriors. It stands as a testament to the fearless spirit and formidable presence of the Vikings across the battlefields of history.

This meticulously forged ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a wearable emblem of Viking courage and heritage. Crafted from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver, it offers both elegance and durability, ensuring a timeless appeal. The detailed representation of the Gjermundbu Helmet captures the essence of Viking bravery and the legendary protection of their armor, serving as a constant inspiration and reminder of the valorous Norse warriors.

Whether drawn to the historical significance of Viking armor, the courageous spirit of the Norse, or the artisanal beauty of this piece, this ring stands as a timeless accessory. It offers a splendid way to embrace the bravery and heritage of the Vikings, carrying with you a daily reminder of their protective and valorous legacy.

SKU : AS55


Color: Silver
Weight: 8 g
Size: Front height is approx. 3/4" (20mm)

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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