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Käsintehty Viking-setti henkilökohtaiseen hygieniaan

Käsintehty Viking-setti henkilökohtaiseen hygieniaan

Normaalihinta €93,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €93,95 EUR
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Crafted for the modern Viking, embracing both utility and elegance

  • Handmade with precision, reflecting the craftsmanship of Viking artisans
  • Made of durable and aesthetically pleasing brass
  • Combines personal hygiene with ornamental beauty
  • Features a unique double brass ring chain and a three-ring divider for practicality and style
  • Embodies the Viking spirit of functionality and sophistication
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The Viking era was a time of immense practicality woven with intricate artistry, a philosophy that this Handcrafted Viking Set for Personal Hygiene beautifully embodies.

In a world where personal adornments and utility were intimately linked, this set served not just as a testament to the wearer's status but also as essential tools for personal grooming. The Vikings valued cleanliness and personal care, and this set is a nod to those practices, elegantly crafted in brass to stand the test of time.

Each piece in this set, connected by a double brass ring chain to a distinctive three-ring divider, was handcrafted to mirror the meticulous artisanship of the Viking age. This not just adds a layer of authenticity but also provides a tactile connection to the past.

By integrating elements of personal hygiene with the decorative flair, this set goes beyond mere functionality; it's a bridge to the past, inviting the modern individual to partake in the Viking legacy of strength, purity, and aesthetic sensibility.



Size: Total length 25 cm

Material: Brass

Made with the expertise and dedication reminiscent of the Viking era's finest craftsmen, this set not only serves its practical purposes but also stands as a decorative piece that tells a story. Each piece, handcrafted in Spain, is a testament to the enduring legacy of Viking artistry and their high standards for personal care and hygiene.

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