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Håndskåret unikt tre lite Thor Liss Hammer anheng stil 5

Håndskåret unikt tre lite Thor Liss Hammer anheng stil 5

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  • Hand-carved Bog Oak pendant, a unique embodiment of Thor's Liss Hammer
  • Symbolizes the enduring might and protective essence of Norse mythology
  • Bog Oak, known for its ancient beauty and strength, enriches the pendant's significance
  • Each piece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship and the Viking spirit
  • A compact, yet potent symbol, perfect for those who value courage and determination
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Beskrivelse: Hva representerer dette produktet?

The Liss Hammer, mirroring the iconic Mjolnir, is a potent symbol of protection and strength derived from Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Despite its smaller size, it encapsulates the same powerful attributes as its legendary counterpart.

Crafted from Bog Oak, this pendant carries with it the wisdom and resilience of centuries, offering not just a connection to Norse mythology but to the enduring forces of nature itself. The choice of Bog Oak, a material as ancient as the myths, adds a layer of depth and connection to the earth's history, making it a powerful talisman for navigating life's challenges.

This pendant is a reminder of the strength within and the protective forces that surround us, embodied in a piece of Norse heritage that can be carried close to the heart.



Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.3 cm
Work Time: 1h
Material: Bog Oak

Handcrafted by our partner Woodzard, each pendant is unique, reflecting the individual character of the Bog Oak and the artisan's touch. This exclusivity ensures that your pendant is not only a piece of jewelry but a personal symbol of strength and heritage.

Made in Italy, this pendant combines the ancient allure of Norse mythology with the unmatched craftsmanship of Italian artisans, creating a timeless piece that transcends ordinary accessory design.

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