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Håndlaget keltisk kobbermagnetarmbånd Triquetra

Håndlaget keltisk kobbermagnetarmbånd Triquetra

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  • Intricate Celtic Design featuring the Triquetra
  • Made from health-boosting copper
  • Integrated magnets for increased energy and well-being
  • Durable and timeless, perfect for everyday wear
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Beskrivelse: Hva representerer dette produktet?

The Celtic Copper Magnet Bracelet with the Triquetra design is a stunning fusion of ancient symbolism and contemporary wellness. The Triquetra, emblematic of the unity of mind, body, and spirit, serves as a beacon of holistic well-being. This emblem is intricately woven into the design of the bracelet, marrying the wisdom of the ancients with the health-promoting properties of copper.

Crafted from high-quality copper, this bracelet not only adorns the wrist with elegance but also brings the wearer the renowned health benefits of copper, including its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to enhance circulation. The integration of magnets further amplifies the bracelet’s wellness benefits, potentially improving mental focus, stamina, and overall well-being.

This piece is a testament to the timeless appeal of Celtic design and the enduring quest for a balanced life, making the Celtic Copper Magnet Bracelet with the Triquetra a meaningful and stylish choice for anyone seeking to harmonize their aesthetic and health pursuits.

SKU : AE-CM-0103


Color: Copper

Weight: Variable

Materials: High-Quality Copper with Integrated Magnets

Embrace the legacy of Celtic design and the benefits of modern wellness with this beautifully crafted bracelet.

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