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Blus Ely

Blus Ely

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  • Evokes the spirit of Norse seamstresses
  • Crafted for comfort and freedom, akin to the fjord's breeze
  • Adjustable lace-up front, reminiscent of Viking adaptability
  • Time-honored design, suitable for historical reenactments
  • Available in a range of natural fibers for a tailored experience

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Whispering tales of old, the Blouse Ely is a garment steeped in the narrative of the Northlands. In 100% cotton, it speaks of days spent under the expansive sky, a homage to the freedom-loving soul of a Viking.

The blouse's lacing is a nod to the Norse skill in knotwork, a detail that binds the wearer not just in cloth but in heritage. With each lace, one draws closer to the spirit of formidable shield-maidens, echoing their strength and grace.

Opt for wool, linen, or a balanced blend to connect with the earthy tones of the Norse countryside. Each fiber tells a story, each texture a verse in the saga of your life.

Don this garment and let it be your banner, a subtle proclamation of a legacy that endures beyond the realm of myth and into the threads of the present.

SKU : VB20

Extra information

Primary Material: Breathable 100% Cotton

Also Available In: Wool, Polyester, Nylon, and Linen Variants

Whether seeking the comfort of cotton, the resilience of wool, the sturdiness of polyester, or the tradition of linen, this blouse offers a convergence of past and present, functionality, and form.

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