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Handgjorda bronshalsband Mammen Stele Art

Handgjorda bronshalsband Mammen Stele Art

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This product also exists in Sterling Silver 925

  • Connect with the Viking era through this authentic artifact replication
  • Crafted from resilient Italian bronze for a lasting legacy
  • Expertly handmade, ensuring each piece is a unique treasure
  • Designed with a 2.5mm hole for versatile wear options

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with:

➡Genuine Leather Cord

➡Fine Sterling Silver Chain


Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

The Mammen Stele Art Necklace is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a fragment of history, a whisper from the past. The original Mammen Axe, unearthed from the Viking age, stands as a testament to the intricate artistry of our Norse ancestors. Its design, a harmonious blend of Christian and Pagan symbolism, echoes the cultural amalgamation of that era.

Embodying the spirit of a 'Stele' - traditionally a monument or gravestone - this pendant is a miniature homage to the Viking custom of commemorating their lives and beliefs in stone and wood. It is more than just an accessory; it is a story, a connection to the warriors and craftsmen who once wielded the Mammen Axe.

Wearing this necklace is an invitation to carry a piece of the Viking legacy, to keep their stories and art alive in the modern world. Each necklace, made from durable Italian bronze and carefully handcrafted, is a personal Stele, a tribute to the enduring strength and mystique of the Viking culture.

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Extra information

Color: Bronze
Weight: 0.78oz (22.0g)
Size: 1.57" x 0.94" (4.0cm x 2.4cm)

Materials: Bronze

Origin: Made in Ukraine