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25 specialtillverkade hartsrunor med vägledningsstil 2

25 specialtillverkade hartsrunor med vägledningsstil 2

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Unlock the ancient wisdom of the Norse with personalized resin runes

  • Set of 25 custom-made runes, each infused with incense for spiritual clarity
  • Features a blend of flowers, incense, and crystals including dammar, lavender, myrrh, rose petals, styrax, and licorice root
  • Personalize with your choice of glitter, and writing color in gold, colored, or silver
  • Engraved with sacred scripts from Nordic and Celtic traditions
  • Comes with a specially designed pouch and guidance for interpretation

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual guidance with our 25 Custom-Made Resin Runes With Guidance. Each rune, a symbol of cosmological power and principle, is meticulously crafted to connect you with the ancient wisdom of the Norse and Celtic traditions.

Inspired by the legend of Odin and the sacred Futhark alphabet, these runes are not just tools for divination but gateways to understanding the mysteries of the universe. Each rune's incense-encrusted design, enriched with a harmonious blend of flowers, incense, and crystals, is tailored to enhance your spiritual journey, relieve tension, and foster positive relationships.


Whether you seek to delve into the depths of your psyche, find guidance for the path ahead, or simply connect with the ancient world, this set serves as your oracle, offering insights into the forces that shape our lives and destinies.


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