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Silver Sterling Drakkar örhängen

Silver Sterling Drakkar örhängen

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  • Invoke the fearless Viking spirit of exploration with these Drakkar ship earrings
  • Elegantly crafted for a delicate yet noticeable presence
  • Exquisite detail captured by skilled artisans
  • Durable construction from high-quality sterling silver ensures longevity
  • Complements perfectly with Drakkar Amulets and Drakkar Rings for a cohesive Viking ensemble

Drakkar Amulets

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Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

The Vikings, renowned for their unparalleled seafaring skills, embarked on voyages that shaped the course of history. Their iconic longships, epitomized by the Drakkar, were marvels of naval engineering, enabling them to navigate vast oceans, discover new lands, and conduct raids with unmatched speed and surprise . These vessels, adorned to resemble fearsome dragons, symbolized the Vikings' adventurous spirit and prowess on the high seas.

These Silver Sterling Drakkar Earrings are a tribute to that indomitable spirit of adventure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they embody the essence of the Viking's advanced naval capabilities and their fearless exploration of the unknown. Wearing them is a declaration of one’s own adventurous spirit, a nod to the legacy of exploration and discovery that defines the Viking age.


Extra information

Color: Silver

Size: 5/8" (17mm) in diameter (not including the earwires)

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Adorn yourself with these finely crafted Drakkar earrings and set sail on your own journey of discovery and adventure, inspired by the legendary Viking seafarers.

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