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Handgjord Disc Brosch från Birka i Borre Style

Handgjord Disc Brosch från Birka i Borre Style

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The Disc Brooch from Birka, crafted in the distinctive Borre style, serves as a magnificent relic of Viking craftsmanship and artistry from the 10th century.

Originating from Birka, a crucial Viking trade hub on Mälaren Lake in Svealand, this brooch embodies the art and culture of the era through its detailed animal head motifs, which are believed to represent bears. These motifs not only showcase the Vikings' artistic prowess but also their deep connection with nature and mythology.

Found in significant archaeological sites in Birka and similar contexts in Trondheim, Norway, these brooches highlight the widespread influence and reach of Viking culture. This bronze reproduction faithfully captures the essence and detail of the original artifacts, allowing the wearer to carry a piece of Viking history.


Extra information

Color: Bronze

Size: Diameter of 2.6 cm

Materials: Bronze

Crafted in: Spain

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