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Handgjord skivbrosch från Gnezdovo

Handgjord skivbrosch från Gnezdovo

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The Handcrafted Disc Brooch from Gnezdovo is a faithful reproduction of a 10th-century artifact, highlighting the artistry and intricacy of ancient metalwork. This discoidal brooch captures the essence of Viking and Slavic craftsmanship through its detailed granulation and filigree work, a technique renowned for its delicate decorative patterns.

Originally crafted in silver, our bronze replica retains all the finesse of the original's design, including a central semi-precious stone that adds a touch of historical authenticity and visual appeal.

This type of brooch, similar to those found in the graves of Birka and categorized as the "Terslev" type, was not only a functional garment fastener but also a symbol of status and identity, often used to signify connections to cultural and familial ties.


Extra information

Color: Bronze

Size: Diameter of 3.5 cm

Materials: Bronze

Crafted in: Spain

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