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Vikingbälte med Gotlandsspänne och Toggle

Vikingbälte med Gotlandsspänne och Toggle

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  • Exquisite Viking belt, perfect for historical reenactments and admirers of Norse artifacts.
  • Buckle and tip crafted in the distinctive Borre style from Gotland, dating back to the 10th-11th century.
  • Decorated with intricate interlaced patterns and zoomorphic figures resembling animal heads, typical of Borre artistry.
  • Authentically handcrafted from copper alloy to replicate the traditional Viking metalworking techniques.
  • High-quality leather ensures durability and a comfortable fit for daily wear or special occasions.

Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

The Gotland belt, with its buckle and tip in the Borre style, embodies a fascinating piece of the Viking Age. This artistic style, known for its intricate interlacing and animalistic designs, was prevalent throughout the Norse world and symbolized the mystical and the martial prowess of the Vikings.

Belts in Viking society were not just utilitarian; they were a status symbol and a bearer of art. The Borre style, characterized by its complex patterns and zoomorphic motifs, is thought to convey stories of gods, beasts, and the eternal cycles of life and death which were central to Norse mythology.

This belt connects the wearer to the legacy of the Vikings who navigated the seas, conquered distant lands, and left behind an indelible mark on history through their unique art and architecture.


Extra information

Length: Approximately 140cm

Width: 1.8 cm

Material: High-quality leather and handcrafted copper alloy

Note: The handmade nature of this belt means each piece is unique, with slight variations that enhance its historical authenticity.

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