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Medeltida Half Boots

Medeltida Half Boots

Ordinarie pris 878 SEK
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  • Authentic medieval design, perfect for re-enactment
  • Three secure buckles for a fit that's just right
  • Flexible styling with foldable shaft for two distinct looks
  • Durable leather construction withstands the rigors of medieval life
  • Rich dark brown color evokes the earthen tones of the Norse landscape

Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

In the time of the Vikings, sturdy footwear was a necessity for the rugged terrains of the North. These medieval half boots are reminiscent of what a Viking might have worn, combining functionality with the enduring aesthetic of the era.

Crafted with care, the dark brown leather mimics the resilient nature of the Norsemen, ready to face any challenge, be it a journey across the seas or a march into battle.

The boots' buckles are not just for securing one's footing but also a nod to the Viking's skill in metalwork, where each buckle represents the meticulous craftsmanship revered in Norse culture.

Wear these boots and walk in the footsteps of the ancients, ready for adventure and the promise of sagas yet to be sung.


Extra information

Color: Dark Brown
Material: Leather
Unique Feature: Foldable shaft with three buckles
Inspiration: Medieval Norse aesthetics

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