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Handgjord merovingerskivbrosch

Handgjord merovingerskivbrosch

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  • Dated from the 7th century, a historic Merovingian era piece
  • Handcrafted in bronze by expert craftsmen
  • A historical replica of a disc brooch found in Aschheim, Southern Germany
  • Features intricate designs with garnet inlays simulation
  • Symbolizes the wealth and status of Early Middle Ages' women

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This Handcrafted Merovingian Disc Brooch is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a bridge to the past, meticulously recreated to represent the swastika-shaped brooches of the 7th century. Originating from Aschheim in Southern Germany, this brooch embodies the sophisticated craftsmanship of the Early Middle Ages, a time when such items were not mere adornments but symbols of status and wealth among the elite.

Crafted in bronze with resin enamel to simulate garnet inlays, this replica brings to life the original's grandeur, featuring four whirling heads of birds of prey, their eyes sparkling with the imitation of garnets, surrounded by intricately plaited bands. At its core, a four-pass area adorned with notched decorations and niello inlays, capturing the essence of Merovingian artistry.

Worn by affluent women as a central part of their attire, this brooch not only adorned but also signified the wearer's status. Today, it serves as a testament to the rich historical tapestry from which it came, offering a unique piece of history to adorn modern attire.


Extra information

Color: Bronze
Size: Diameter 4.6 cm
Materials: Bronze with resin enamel as garnet simulation

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this brooch is a celebration of history, made in Spain, ready to bring the legacy of the Merovingian era into the present.

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