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Byxor Wigbold

Byxor Wigbold

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  • Expertly crafted from 100% cotton for comfort and durability
  • Hand-dyed fabrics ensure each pair is unique
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany with precision
  • Ideal for a variety of historical and modern occasions
  • Attention to detail in every stitch and seam

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Step back in time with our Pants Wigbold, where historical craftsmanship meets modern functionality. Made entirely from high-quality cotton, these pants are not just a piece of clothing but a portal to the past.

Each pair is dyed by hand, ensuring no two are exactly alike and giving you a truly unique garment. The cotton material not only provides breathable comfort but also stands up to the wear and tear of both daily use and special events.

Whether you're attending a medieval fair, participating in a historical reenactment, or simply going about your day, these pants offer both authenticity and reliability. Please note that due to the nature of cotton, some shrinkage may occur after washing, which adds to the garment's character.

SKU : VB12

Extra information

Material: 100% Cotton, ensuring breathability and comfort
Color Variations: Hand-dyed, creating variations between pieces
Care Instructions: Handle with care, potential for slight shrinkage post-wash
Manufacturing: Proudly made in Germany, supporting traditional textile craftsmanship

Our commitment to quality and historical accuracy makes the Pants Wigbold a must-have for any wardrobe seeking a touch of the past with modern standards of production.

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