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Kort tunika Frejka

Kort tunika Frejka

Ordinarie pris 439 SEK
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  • Embodies the vitality of the Viking Freyja
  • Crafted for comfort and movement
  • Lush green hue reflecting Nordic forests
  • Perfect for historical reenactments or modern rustic style
  • Designed with a nod to ancient craftsmanship

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The Short Tunic Frekja, in its verdant spl endor, is a tribute to the Norse goddess of love and war. Wearing it is to embody her dual nature, the fertility of the land, and the ferocity of the battlefield.

Made for ease of movement, it allows one to traverse modern and ancient realms alike, a versatile piece for those who carry the essence of Freyja in their hearts and deeds.

The green shade is a paean to the sprawling forests that the Vikings would have known, a color to bring forth the wearer’s inner strength and connection to nature.

Whether you stand in a circle of stones or walk the urban pathways, this tunic is a statement of timeless style and enduring spirit.

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