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Signetring i polerad silver

Signetring i polerad silver

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  • Genuine depiction of Sleipnir taken from the Viking archaeological record
  • Symbol of the ability to do unimaginable things
  • Symbol of the possibilities of life
  • Made from the highest quality sterling silver

Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

Sleipnir, the steed of the king of the gods Odin, had eight legs. It was believed that this allowed him to keep a foot in each of the worlds of Norse mythology and move between them with ease. He had the ability to go places and do things that were impossible for other beings.

And Sleipnir himself was an impossible being. He was a son of the trickster Loki. But rather than being his father, Loki was his mother. Loki became pregnant when one of his schemes required him to disguise himself as a beautiful mare in order to distract a strong stallion. As the son of a giant, and an impossible conception, Sleipnir was capable of the impossible.

The Vikings were much more willing to believe in the impossible than we are today. This allowed them to believe that more things were possible, and therefore to dream big. It was this kind of big-dreaming that allowed them to sail to the Americas more than half a millennium before their European neighbors.

They say that when you believe something is impossible, you make it impossible with your mind. But when you believe that something is possible, suddenly it becomes possible. Mark your own belief in the possibilities of life with this distinctive sterling silver signet ring. It features a traditional depiction of the impossible horse Sleipnir, as found on a number of surviving inscriptions.

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Extra information

Color: Silver
Weight: 10.0 g
Size: Frontal Width approx. 5/8" (16mm)

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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