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Handsnidat unikt valnötsträ Celtic Deer Pendant Style 3

Handsnidat unikt valnötsträ Celtic Deer Pendant Style 3

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  • Exquisitely hand-carved Celtic Deer pendant from Italian Walnut Wood
  • Emblematic of grace, intuition, and spiritual connection in Celtic lore
  • Brings the essence of Celtic wilderness and enlightenment into your life
  • Crafted by artisan craftsmen, showcasing premium quality and intricate detail
  • A tangible connection to the gentle wisdom and spirituality of the Celtic tradition
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Step into the verdant realms of Celtic mysticism with the Celtic Deer Pendant, a symbol of the gentle grace and profound intuition revered in Celtic lore. This pendant captures the essence of the deer, an esteemed creature symbolizing a bridge to the spiritual world, embodying the seamless connection between the earthy and the ethereal.

Carved with unmatched precision from Italian Walnut Wood, known for its warm hues and intricate grain patterns, this piece is not merely jewelry; it's a portal to an ancient world. The natural beauty of the wood enhances the pendant's symbolic depth, making it a masterpiece of artistry that resonates with the spirit of Celtic wisdom and the splendor of the untamed wilderness.

This pendant is a significant accessory for those who feel a deep connection to the spiritual resonance of Celtic symbols, the grace inherent in the natural world, or the exquisite craftsmanship of this unique piece. It serves as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and the intuitive guidance that defines our journey through life.

Embrace the timeless emblem of the Celtic Deer Pendant and carry with you a piece of the ancient Celtic wilderness and spirituality, a reminder of life's interconnectedness and the intuitive paths that guide us toward enlightenment.

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Extra information

Size: 4.3 x 4 cm
Work Time: 6 hours
Wood: Italian Walnut
Made In: Italy

As part of our exclusive Raw Line collection, each pendant is uniquely crafted, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. This commitment to individuality mirrors the personal journey of spiritual discovery and connection inherent in Celtic tradition.

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