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Handsnidad unik keltisk varg i trä på månen med Triquetra-hängestil2

Handsnidad unik keltisk varg i trä på månen med Triquetra-hängestil2

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  • Unique Celtic Wolf on the Moon pendant, symbolizing instinct, intelligence, and interconnectedness
  • Exquisitely hand-carved from Olive Wood, reflecting skilled craftsmanship
  • Incorporates the Triquetra for spiritual unity and eternal connection
  • Embodies the primal spirit and celestial mystique of Celtic mythology
  • A meaningful piece connecting the wearer to ancient wisdom and nature
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Embark on a mystical journey with the Celtic Wolf on the Moon Pendant, a handcrafted symbol of the wild's intuition and the celestial's vast mysteries. This unique piece captures the essence of the Celtic wolf, revered for its sharp intelligence and instinctual guidance, under the moonlight's enchantment, a source of lunar energy and untold secrets.

Carved from the noble Olive Wood, known for its intricate grain patterns and deep, earthy hues, this pendant is not just an ornament but a bridge to the ancient Celtic world. It celebrates the wolf's primal energy, intertwined with the moon's celestial power, and is enhanced by the Triquetra, a symbol of spiritual unity and the eternal flow of life and existence in Celtic tradition.

This artisanal masterpiece, crafted with dedication and passion, resonates with those who feel connected to the intelligence and interconnectedness of all life, as represented in Celtic lore. It serves as a talisman of protection, guidance, and unity, inviting the wearer to embrace the interconnectedness of the celestial, the wild, and the spiritual.

Whether a lover of Celtic mythology, a seeker of spiritual symbols, or an admirer of artisan craftsmanship, this pendant offers a tangible connection to the profound narratives of the past, inviting you to carry the legacy of Celtic wisdom and the natural world's power close to your heart.

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Extra information

Size: 4 x 3.5 cm
Work Time: 6 hours
Wood: Olive
Made In: Italy

As part of our Raw Line collection, each piece is uniquely crafted, ensuring no two pendants are exactly alike, embodying the singular journey of creation and the spirit of individuality.

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