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Handsnidat unikt trä Vegvisir Runeshänge

Handsnidat unikt trä Vegvisir Runeshänge

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  • Unique Vegvisir Runes pendant, meticulously hand-carved from American Walnut
  • Features the Vegvisir, a Norse compass symbolizing guidance and protection on one's journey
  • Incorporates ancient runes known for their magical and divinatory properties
  • Each pendant is a testament to the skill of expert craftsmen, ensuring premium quality and individuality
  • Designed to offer spiritual and magical guidance, making it a meaningful accessory for life's paths
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The Handcarved Unique Wood Vegvisir Runes Pendant encapsulates deep Norse traditions of guidance and magic. The Vegvisir, known as the Norse compass, is a magical runic symbol believed to prevent the bearer from losing their way, even in unknown territories. This ancient sigil, combined with runes symbols laden with the power to predict and alter the future creates a potent emblem of foresight and protection.

Hand-carved from rich American Walnut, this pendant is not only a piece of jewelry but a protective talisman designed to guide its wearer through life's uncertainties. Each pendant is carved with care, ensuring that while no two are identical, each carries its own special charm and magical properties.

This pendant is for those who seek to navigate their lives with wisdom and ensure they remain steadfast in their chosen paths, supported by the enduring magic of Norse mythology.

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Extra information

Material: American Walnut Wood

Size: Diameter 3.5 cm

Work Time: Approximately 2 hours per piece

Origin: Made in Italy

Each piece's unique craftsmanship ensures it stands as a one-of-a-kind symbol of guidance and protection, reflecting its bearer's personal journey and connection to ancient wisdom.

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