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Handgjorda Galdrastafir Vegvisir Symbol Bronshänge

Handgjorda Galdrastafir Vegvisir Symbol Bronshänge

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This product is also available in Sterling Silver 925

This product is also available in Gold

  • Authentic Nordic symbol from the Icelandic grimoires
  • Wayfinding rune to help you always find your way
  • Galdrastafir symbol based on the Viking runes
  • Made in high-quality Bronze by expert craftsmen
  • Hole 2.5mm
  • Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with:
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Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

To the Vikings, the runes were more than just a written script, they were a powerful tool for magic, for those that knew how to use them.

Odin, the god of war, wisdom, and sorcery, hung himself from the life tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights in order to learn the secrets of the runes, which he shared with mankind.

While we know little about how the runes were used in the Viking age, Galdrastafir, magical runic staves, survive in several Icelandic grimoires from the 18th century. They preserve some powerful Nordic magical symbols.

One of the most famous magical symbols from the grimoires is Vegvisir, also known as the Norse Compass. It was believed that anyone who uses the symbol can always find their way, even if they do not know where it is going.

In modern Asatru, it is a potent symbol of spiritual guidance.

Discover the power of this rune for yourself with this striking, large size bronze pendant.

SKU : CV34

Extra information

Color: Bronze
Weight: 10g
Size: 25 x 25 x 3 mm
Hole: 2.5mm

Materials: Bronze
Made in: Ukraine

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