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Varghuvud Silver Sterling Bead

Varghuvud Silver Sterling Bead

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  • Sterling silver bead in wolf head design for a bold Viking look
  • Channel the might of Fenrir, the cosmos-destroying wolf of Ragnarok
  • Connect with Odin through Geri and Freki, his loyal companion wolves
  • Handcrafted in sterling silver to elevate your Viking style instantly

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One of the most distinctive elements in achieving authentic Viking style is through hair and beard adornments. Our Sterling Silver Wolf Head Bead brings this tradition to the modern warrior, offering an instant touch of Norse elegance to your look.

In the sagas of Norse mythology, wolves hold a place of power and respect. Fenrir, the great wolf, is foretold to bring about the end of the cosmos at Ragnarok, signifying the cycle of destruction and rebirth. His offspring, Skoll and Hati, chase the celestial bodies, weaving fate and chaos through the heavens.

Yet, Odin, the All-Father, also finds companionship and strength in his wolves, Geri and Freki, embodying the dual nature of wisdom and the wild. This bead, crafted with meticulous detail, is not just an accessory but a symbol of these potent forces and stories, inviting you to carry the legacy and mystique of the Viking age.

Embrace this powerful mythology and adorn your hair or beard with a piece that speaks of destiny, wisdom, and the untamed spirit of the Norse pantheon.


Extra information

Color: Silver
Size: Internal bead diameter approx 7mm (5/16"). Bead measures 13mm (1/2") high by 9mm (3/8") wide

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver

Note: This listing is for one bead, designed to bring a touch of Viking legacy to your personal style.

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