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Handgjorda bronshänge "Mini Thor-statyett från Eyrarland"

Handgjorda bronshänge "Mini Thor-statyett från Eyrarland"

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  • Handcrafted in fine bronze
  • Replica of plating piece from Iceland from 1000
  • Probably represents Thor, the god of thunder
  • Thor is the protector of the realm of men

Pendant sold separately, perfect with :

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Fine Sterling Silver Chain : Here

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Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

This fine bronze pendant is a replica of the Eyrarland statue from around 1000 recovered from a farm at Akureyri in Iceland.

The piece is assumed to represent Thor, the god of thunder. The strongest of the gods, he was responsible for protecting the cosmos from the chaotic forces of the giants. For this, he used his mighty hammer Mjolnir. The god seems to be using his beard to create the shape of the hammer.

This was probably a playing piece from a Viking game. The original piece is 6.5 cm tall, and resembles a chess piece. It is similar to a small whalebone piece used in a game called hnefatafl, which also uses black and white gaming pieces and a die. This pendant is a miniature version 2.6 cm tall perfect for wearing or as a small mantlepiece.


Extra information

Material: Bronze
Size: 2.6 cm high

Made in: Spain

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