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Handgjord dolk med björnhuvuden Berserkerhänge - Viking Sword Brons Halsband

Handgjord dolk med björnhuvuden Berserkerhänge - Viking Sword Brons Halsband

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  • Viking sword pendant symbolizing the modern warrior's spirit
  • Bear head detailing, emblematic of the Berserkers' ferocity
  • Invokes transformational strength and bravery
  • Exquisitely handcrafted in high-quality bronze
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The Handcrafted Dagger with Bear Heads Berserker Pendant is not just an accessory; it's a symbol deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Viking history and Norse mythology. This exquisite piece, handcrafted in fine bronze, draws inspiration from the berserkers - warriors legendary for entering battle in a frenzied trance, channeling the raw power and ferocity of the bear. The pendant's design, featuring bear heads on the hilt of a Viking sword, reflects the transformative strength these warriors sought through their communion with the bear spirit, a totem of bravery and unmatched force in Norse culture.

Beyond its historical significance, the pendant represents the Viking ethos of courage and the determination to face life's battles with fearlessness. The intricate craftsmanship of this piece mirrors the meticulous skill and artistry of Viking metalwork, a tribute to the era's advanced techniques and aesthetic. Wearing this pendant is a call to embrace the berserker's spirit in our own lives - to harness inner strength and confront challenges head-on, with the heart of a warrior.

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Extra information

Metal: Italian Bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%) - Lead, cadmium, and nickel free
Size: 2.28in x 0.4in or 5.8cm x 1.0cm
Weight: 0.3oz or 8.0 g

Made in Ukraine

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