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Presentförpackning Vargar med Triquetra-hänge och örhängen

Presentförpackning Vargar med Triquetra-hänge och örhängen

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  • Enchanting gift set featuring sterling silver heart-shaped wolf earrings and pendant
  • Wolves symbolize powerful forces in nature and individual strength
  • Design embodies the union of two powerful entities, symbolizing unity and harmony
  • Incorporates the triquetra symbol, representing Seidr magic and eternal connections
  • Presented in a unique Odin Allfather gift box, perfect for gifting
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Celebrate the bond of powerful forces, both external and internal, with this exquisite Viking gift set. The sterling silver earrings and pendant, each featuring two wolves joined to form a heart, symbolize the unity and strength found in love and self-discovery. At the heart of the design lies the triquetra, a symbol deeply rooted in Seidr magic, signifying the intertwining of the past, present, and future, and the power of eternal connections.

In Norse mythology, wolves are revered as formidable forces, embodying the wild and untamed aspects of nature and the self. Odin’s companions, Geri (greedy) and Freki (ravenous), exemplify the challenges and strengths that lie within mastering one's inner nature.

This gift set, with its powerful symbolism, is ideal for those who identify with the strength of legendary lovers like Ragnar and Lagertha, or for individuals embracing their inner unity and power. It is a tribute to the journey of finding harmony within oneself and with others.

SKU : CS101 / BOS27

Extra information

Color: Silver

Earrings Size: Front measures approx. 1/2" (12mm) long by 3/8" (10mm) at the widest point

Pendant Size: 1-5/16" (33mm) long by 1" (25mm) wide

Weight: 6 g

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Unlock a 15% discount by choosing this captivating set, beautifully encased in an Odin Allfather gift box, ready for that special someone.

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