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Handgjorda Perun's Axe Silver Sterling Pendant

Handgjorda Perun's Axe Silver Sterling Pendant

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This product also exists in Bronze

  • Symbolizes the mighty Slavic god Perun
  • Represents thunder, fertility, and protection
  • Adorned with authentic Slavic symbols
  • Handcrafted in exquisite sterling silver
  • A protective amulet with deep cultural roots

Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

In the lush lands of Eastern Europe, where Viking longships seldom tread, the legacy of the Norse intertwined with Slavic mythology. Here, Perun reigned supreme, not as a god wielding a hammer like Thor, but as a thunderous deity brandishing an axe. This sterling silver pendant captures the essence of Perun’s axe, a symbol of protection, fertility, and the tumultuous dance of nature’s cycles.

More than a mere weapon, this axe pendant carries the emblem of Mara, the Slavic goddess of death and rebirth, etched into its blade. It serves as a potent amulet, protecting its wearer from harm while honoring the natural balance of life and death, echoing the ancient beliefs of the Slavs.

Wear this pendant as a tribute to Perun, inviting his strength and protection into your life, and connecting with the deep-rooted Slavic symbols of power and regeneration.

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