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Handgjord Snorking Amulet Brons

Handgjord Snorking Amulet Brons

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  • Replica of a 10th-century Viking pendant from Norfolk, England
  • Features the intricate Borre style, known for its zoomorphic motifs
  • Depicts mythical beasts intertwined in classic Norse artistry
  • Handcrafted in fine bronze, capturing the essence of Viking craftsmanship
  • An ideal accessory for those fascinated by Viking history and Norse mythology
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Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

The "Snoring Amulet" pendant is a masterfully crafted replica of a 10th-century Viking artifact discovered in Little Snoring, Norfolk. This unique name harks back to its origin near a significant Viking burial site in Vestfold, Norway, imbuing the piece with deep historical significance.

Adorned in the Borre style, this circular-shaped pendant showcases the quintessential Viking art of knotting mythical beasts and fantastic animals into intricate designs. The creatures are symmetrically portrayed with distinctive triangular heads, arched bodies, and prehensile paws, embodying the fearsome and revered creatures of Norse mythology.

This piece not only connects the wearer to the Viking world but also serves as a symbol of protection and strength, echoing the beliefs and artistic expressions of the Norsemen.


Extra information

Material: Bronze

Size: 4 x 3.5 cm

Origin: Made in Spain

While the pendant itself is sold separately, it is perfectly complemented by a genuine leather cord or a fine sterling silver chain, enhancing its historical and aesthetic appeal.

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