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Thor Statyett Brons

Thor Statyett Brons

Ordinarie pris 675 SEK
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  • Thor, god of thunder, rendered in exquisite detail
  • Features Mjolnir, a potent symbol of protection
  • Embodies the ideal of the Viking warrior
  • Handcrafted in fine bronze for lasting beauty
  • A majestic addition to any mantlepiece or altar

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Thor, the mightiest of Aesir, wields his hammer Mjolnir, a symbol of storms, strength, and protection. This statuette captures Thor in his most formidable form, a guardian against chaos and the protector of both Midgard and Asgard. His presence is a bulwark against the encroaching forces of giants, embodying the virtues every Viking aspired to: courage, strength, and the favor of the gods.

Mjolnir, more than a weapon, is a divine symbol, carried by Thor as he champions the realms of gods and men. It's the most revered icon of protection, worn by Vikings who sought the gods' favor and protection in their endeavors. The statuette is a testament to this, showcasing Thor not just as a deity of thunder, but as the ideal warrior, one who stands resolute in the face of adversity.

The figure is meticulously crafted in bronze, highlighting the sacred triskelion and the rune for Thor’s name, marking him as a master of the elements and the protector of humanity. This statuette is not just a piece of art; it is a symbol of the enduring strength and spirit of the Viking culture.


Extra information

Color: Bronze
Weight: 6.3oz (178g)
Size: 5.7cm x 4.0cm x 3.0cm

Materials: Bronze

Made in Ukraine

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