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Valknut Odin Viking Norse Sterling Silver Ring

Valknut Odin Viking Norse Sterling Silver Ring

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  • Homage to Odin, the Norse god of war and wisdom
  • Valknut, symbol of Valhalla, the warrior afterlife
  • Represents the courage required of Viking warriors
  • High-quality genuine sterling silver ring
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All Viking warriors aspired to find themselves in Valhalla, the great hall of Odin in Asgard, after death.

With the help of the Valkyries, he only chose the bravest fallen warriors to dwell there after death. There, they feast until they are called on to fight alongside the gods at Ragnarok.

This aspiration informed the way that warriors lived their lives. They had to enter every battle with courage, to ensure their place in eternity. Since no one knows the hour of their death, courage must be eternal!

This Valknut signet ring is perfect for a modern-day Viking warrior facing life's battles with courage!

SKU : AS40

Extra information

Color: Silver
Weight: 7g
Size: Frontal Width approx. 5/8" (15mm)

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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