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Handgjord Viking Armring Med Traditionellt Skandinaviskt Mönster

Handgjord Viking Armring Med Traditionellt Skandinaviskt Mönster

Ordinarie pris 767 SEK
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  • Classic torque style Viking arm ring
  • Classic Viking-style armored design
  • Symbol of strength and protection
  • High-quality pewter that is adjustable

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Beskrivning: Vad representerar denna produkt?

Armrings were commonly worn in the Viking period, both as fashion accessories and symbols. They were often given as symbols of reciprocal loyalty, and some Vikings would swear oaths on their rings. In modern Asatru, they are often used to seal important promises that we make to ourselves.

This traditional armring uses classic Scandinavian design styles that resemble armor. It symbolizes strength and protection, representing your ability to weather anything that the world might throw at you.

This arm ring is designed to be flexible so that you can open it to put it on and then squeeze it close to tighten it around your wrist. Don't be surprised to hear a quiet crackling sound, but do avoid opening and closing the bracelet excessively.

SKU : BP65

Extra information

Material: Pewter (Tin), free of lead, calcium, and nickel

Size: 16-22cm

Made in Ukraine

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