Live at one with nature like a Viking by developing your bushcraft skills

Live at one with nature like a Viking by developing your bushcraft skills

Putting yourself in the shoes of a Viking 

Viking culture and history have become increasingly popular in recent years. With television series such as Vikings lending major influence to trending hair, clothing and accessory styles, it’s no wonder that more and more people are finding themselves interested in the real culture behind the show.

While historians can offer a theoretical look at what ancient Nordic culture was like, there is nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself.

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, a Nordic YouTuber with 21K subscribers does just that. He researchers how the Vikings lived, and then lives it for himself to truly understand it.

True, while it is quite challenging to join a shield wall and fight for your lord and life these days, Bjorn has found a way to inhabit the Viking spirit by focussing on how they would have gone about accomplishing their daily tasks with the technology that our Viking ancestors would have had to hand. He uses bushcraft, authentic tools and clothing, and related skills during outings, and camping expeditions that he also films for his channel (though I suppose the camera doesn't technically count as an authentic Viking tool).

I remember the conversation I had with my cousin they first time he saw one of Bjorn's videos:

"Let's go now! What do you have? A tent? Anyway, we don't need much, we'll get used to it the real way! - Stephen of V.K.N.G " :-))

Bjorn the Bushcrafter

This immersive, experience-based research, Bjorn has developed skills such as archery, fire-making and sailing, all of which he shares on his channel: Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen. He also does content such as axe reviews and demonstrations, outdoor gear field testing, and commentaries on Viking festivals.

bushcraft and survivalist camp with fire and cooking equipment

The Second String to his Bow

Bjorn is also a novelist, and has created a series of historic novels called Jomsviking, which follow Torstein Tormodson through a turbulent Nordic upbringing and his involvement in several historic Viking battles and events.

Those with a genuine interest in ancient Nordic life will find Bjorn's works, which are available as digital publications, both entertaining and informative. As well as Viking enthusiasts, Bjorn's work will appeal to outdoorsmen, survivalists and fans of historic fiction more generally.

Pay Attention to your Sources of Information

With the growing interest in Viking style and culture, it can be difficult to find legitimate sources of information on the subject. While television series will often try to remain historically accurate, compromises need to be made i order to deliver on entertainment. Therefore, they downplay or ignore important events and elements that don't fit their narrative, while also inventing events to create drama.

Check out Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen on YouTube for an authentic peek into Viking survivalist culture.

Bjorn also runs a Blog that is very rich in reliable knowledge !

axe knife spoon in wood and gloves equipment for bushcraft and outdoor wild camping

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Please can you give me a little start on my way by providing me with a good list of what I need to do to get started!

Thank you for your time and help

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