Live like a Viking in the middle of nature, develop your bushcraft skills

Putting yourself in the shoes of a Viking 

Viking culture and history have become increasingly popular in recent years. With television series lending major influence to trending hair, clothing and accessory styles, it’s no wonder more and more people are finding themselves interested in the inspiration and culture beyond what’s shown on tv.

Many historians can offer a look at what ancient Nordic culture looked like to an outsider, but it’s nearly impossible to get a real sense of this iconic lifestyle without experiencing it for yourself.

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, a Nordic YouTuber with about 21K subscribers, does hands-on research that helps him connect to the characters in his historic fiction novels.

True, you can’t go out and join a shield wall and fight for your lord and life these days, but Bjorn achieves real insight into daily tasks, struggles and joys by relying on pure bushcraft, authentic tools and  garb, and related skills during outings, camping and expeditions that he films for his channel.

I remember my cousin who first saw a video of Bjorn:

"Let's go now! What do you have? A tent? Anyway, we don't need much, we'll get used to it the real way! - Stephen of V.K.N.G " :-))

Bjorn the bushcrafter

This immersive research has developed Bjorn’s skills in :

  • ancient archerybow
  • makingprimitive fire
  • starting and sailing

all of which he demonstrates on his channel, Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, along with axe reviews and demonstrations, a Viking series, outdoor gear field testing, “Wild Camping,” Viking festivals, and several other playlists that delve into his research and experience.

bushcraft and survivalist camp with fire and cooking equipment

 The second string to his bow

As a novelist, Bjorn has created a series of historic novels called Jomsviking, following Torstein Tormodson through a turbulent upbringing and his involvement in historically accurate battles and events.

Those with a genuine interest in ancient Nordic life can find real value and entertainment in the literary and digital publications of this unique individual. With such a broad spectrum of topics covered, Bjorn caters to an audience of not only Viking enthusiasts, but also :

  • outdoorsmen
  • survivalists
  • fans of historic fiction

Pay attention to your sources of information

With this influx of focus on Viking style and culture, it can be difficult to find legitimate sources of information on the subject. Television is a legit form of entertainment but creates inaccurate contrast by dramatizing some aspects while downplaying or ignoring others that don’t quite suit their narrative. Check out Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen on YouTube for a more complete peek into Viking survivalist culture.

Bjorn also runs a Blog that is very rich in reliable knowledge !

axe knife spoon in wood and gloves equipment for bushcraft and outdoor wild camping

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