Build a Legacy:

Men Cufflinks

Today, many Viking warriors find themselves going into battle in the boardroom rather than the field. But you can still arm yourself in Viking styles with these Norse-design cufflinks.

Arm yourself with Viking courage and fearlessness as you enter into your next negotiations.

All our cufflinks are made from fine sterling silver. Choose the symbol that most aligns with your Viking beliefs.

Men cufflink with Valknut

The Valknut is a three-interlocking triangle symbol called the “knot of dead warriors” and it is the symbol of Valhalla. Valhalla is Odin’s great hall in Asgard. With the help of his Valkyries, a band of divine female warriors, he chooses the bravest fallen dead to dwell in Valhalla in the afterlife. There they live in paradise until they are called on to fight again alongside the gods at Ragnarok.

All Vikings aspire to reach Valhalla, and the Vikings would often stab warriors dying of old age to trick the gods into thinking they had died in battle. The Valknut also represents the courage with which a warrior must live to earn their place in Valhalla.

Men cufflink with Vegvisir

Vegvisir, also known as the Norse Compass, is one of the magical runic staves found in the Icelandic grimoires of the 18th century. It is unclear how closely it is related to rune magic that was used in the Viking age.

Vegvisir is a guiding symbol that allows you to find your way, even in great storms, and even when you do not know where you are going. It was probably originally intended for sailors, but in modern Asatru, it has become a symbol of spiritual guidance.

Men cufflink with Wolf Heads

Wolves are an important and potent symbol in Viking culture representing powerful forces of nature that cannot be controlled. Instead, they should be respected.

The most famous wolf in Norse mythology is Fenrir. The gods so feared this mighty wolf that they imprisoned him. He will only break his chains at Ragnarok, when he will kill Odin himself. His children, Skoll and Hati, will also devour the sun and moon at Ragnarok plunging the cosmos into darkness.

But Odin also has his own companion wolves, Geri (greed) and Freki (ravenous). These represent challenging characteristics of the god – he would famously do anything for knowledge – but they are also sources of great power if Odin can harness them.

Men cufflink with Triskelion

The Triskelion is a symbol associated with Odin that refers to the Mead of Poetry. The dwarves made this magical mead by killing Kvasir, the most intelligent being to ever live, and making the mead from his blood. It grants anyone complete mastery of the spoken word.

The giants took the mead from the dwarves, and Odin, hearing of the knowledge it could bestow, decided to steal the mead from the giants. After infiltrating their lair, he took the mead by drinking all of it and holding it in his stomach. He then turned himself into a bird and flew back to Asgard and spat the mead into three great drinking horns, represented by the Triskelion.

En route, Odin let some of the mead spill into Midgard. It is this small amount of mead that grants talent to the bards. The Triskelion is a symbol for a Viking wordsmith or performer.

Men cufflink with Aegishjalmur

Aegishjalmur is the Old Norse name for the Helm of Awe. According to the sagas, the dwarf-turned-dragon Fafnir wore the Helm of Awe to give himself the strength to protect his treasure, including an enchanted ring.

This version of the Helm of Awe comes from the 18th-century Icelandic grimoires. You should draw the image on metal and gold it onto your skin or draw it on your forehead in blood. This calls the favor of the gods to support you in battle and gives you the strength and courage to succeed in your endeavor with the protection of the gods.