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Viking Earrings

Here you will find our complete collection of earrings. The themes and symbols on the earrings are all inspired by Norse mythology and Viking art, plus genuine pieces from neighboring cultures. Why no Viking earrings? This seems to be one of the few pieces of jewelry that they didn’t wear!

The Vikings liked to look good! They bathed regularly, always carried a small comb to groom their hair, and kept up with the latest international fashions through trade. While they wore practical pieces such as brooches to keep their clothing in place, this didn’t mean they couldn’t be elaborately decorated. They wore pendants, rings, and bracelets.

But despite certainly knowing about earrings from their contact with their neighbors, research suggests that Vikings didn’t wear earrings themselves. No examples of Viking earrings survive in the archaeological record.

But as modern Vikings, we can still wear earrings, and all the pieces in our collection are Viking themed.

We have Yggdrasil-themed earrings. This is the world tree that sits at the center of the Norse cosmos. It connects the different worlds of the Norse universe and maintains the world order by keeping them separated. It is the representation of the nature-based belief system and magic that sits at the center of Norse religion.

Viking earrings with Wolf head earrings representing the ferocious and volatile wolves from Viking stories. The most famous world in Norse myth is Fenrir, who the gods feared so much that they imprisoned him in magical chains. He is destined to break his chains at Ragnarok and kill Odin. His sons, Skoll and Hati, chase the sun and moon perpetually and will finally catch and devour them as Ragnarok.

But Odin also has two companion wolves, Geri and Freki. They represent the god’s most volatile characteristics that he must struggle to control, but they are also great sources of strength.

Viking earrings with Bear paw earrings. The bear is the symbol of the Berserker warriors, which communed with the spirit of the bear before going into battle to take on its strength and ferocity. Many believe that they could not be injured in this state. For modern Vikings, going berserk can represent finding inner strength and transforming for different situations.

Celtic triquetra earrings, though this symbol is also known from the Viking world. It is associated with witchcraft, which is Seidr magic in the Viking world closely associated with the goddess Freyja and the god Odin.

Viking earrings withThe Valknut is the symbol of Valhalla, the warrior afterlife. Odin, with the help of his Valkyries, chooses only the bravest fallen warriors to dwell in Ragnarok. They will stay there in paradise until they are called on to fight again alongside the gods at Ragnarok. It is the symbol of warriors who aspire to Valhalla, and the Valkyrie.

Viking earrings with Drakkar earrings represent the Viking long ships that were decorated to look like sea serpents. This superior technology allowed the Vikings to dominate their neighbors and the represent both the Viking warrior and the explorer.

Viking earrings with Helm of Awe symbol earrings, also known as Aegishjalmur. This is a magical symbol of that grants the favor of the gods in battle and gives you the strength and courage to overcome your enemies.

Earrings with the pentacle is a symbol linked with Wicca and also modern heathenry, which is one of the many modern forms of worshipping the old Norse gods.

Viking earrings with Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer, earrings representing the weapon of the mighty god. It symbolizes protection and a statement of allegiance to the old Norse gods.

Viking earrings with Raven earrings representing Odin’s familiars. They act as his eyes and ears in the world and represent the god in his role as the god of wisdom.

Slavic style earrings from the same period featuring elaborate designs are also featured in the collection, including replicas of 10th-century Slavic earrings found at Zawada Lanckoronska in Poland.

Whatever you are looking for to complete your Viking style, you’ll find a compelling design in the VKNG earring collection.