Build a Legacy:

The Premium V.K.N.G. collection is named for its premium materials like 925 sterling silver, gold plating, and Italian leather (check out our Norse bracelets). Gorgeous metalwork and fine detailing by master craftsmen create stunning pieces that add a powerful statement to the owner’s style.

Strong symbolism and important figures from ancient Norse mythology are integrated into each design, creating meaningful accessories connected to intriguing and elaborate stories that shaped the Viking culture.

Add a dramatic, but sophisticated charm to your look with a Silver Fenrir Ring, depicting the fierce wolf who is destined to kill Odin at Ragnarok. Hold the silver image of Yggdrasil close to your heart in the form of an intricate pendant necklace.

Each item in the Premium V.K.N.G. Viking jewelry is chosen for its design, quality, and affordability. Every piece is inspired by genuine Viking objects and Norse style.