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Looking for the perfect present for a modern day Viking warrior or shieldmaiden? Why not check out our gift sets. We have carefully selected and paired products to create meaningful gift sets.

The products are around 15% cheaper than if you bought them separately, and all pendants come with a cord or chain included.

Products come in our exclusive VKNG bags, and each gift set comes in an Odin Allfather and one-eyed warrior gift box that they will love as well.

What do you have to choose from?

Check out our Hail Odin gift set with Odin ring and Gungnir pendant, or our Ravens and Runes gift set with raven pendant and runic bead set. We have Norse Wolf and Yggdrasil gift sets for shieldmaidens that include sterline silver earrings and pendants. Plus there are our Jormungandr ring and Vegvisir and Fenrir armring and Vegvisir gift sets.

There are many more options to choose from, so why not browse the collection and see if you can find the perfect present (or something for yourself).