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Axe Bracelet: Viking Bracelet

A bracelet is the perfect understated way to incorporate Viking style into your day-to-day look. An axe bracelet is a great choice since Vikings carried axes on their belts all the time. They were used as an extra weapon in battle, and for completing other tasks on the farm and in the shipyard.

This collection features bracelets made from natural materials with a soft wrap around and axe closure to complete the Viking look.

The demand for natural materials continues to grow in the fashion and jewelry industry, stemming from an influx of interest in handmade cultural styles, including Nordic design, which is making a 1000-year comeback. V.K.N.G has created this collection using materials like smooth Italian leather, braided cotton rope, Italian bronze and silver plating to create incredible handcrafted masterpieces that pair well with virtually any style and add an element of rustic individuality.

Wrap bracelets in layers of stone and braided rope offer a vegan splash of color for those with more adventurous tastes, while leather and stone wraps feature rich natural tones that are accentuated by the axe and loop closure mechanisms. The axe ornaments are handmade with fine detailing in a traditional Nordic design. Broad leather bands with intricate detailing and button hole closures provide a minimalist option that makes a strong statement with a simplistic design.

While our collection includes a number of different axe designs, most Viking axes had a crescent-shaped head with a cutting edge between 10 and 45 centimeters in length and a long handle. Some larger battle axes had a handle as long as a man and had to be wielded with two hands. Smaller axes were designed to be thrown or swung.

Warriors would have carried fairly plain axes into battle, but more elaborate axes were hung on long hall walls or buried with important warriors. These could be elaborately decorated and inlaid with precious metals.

Probably the most famous axe surviving from the Viking age is the Mammen axe from Jutland in Denmark, which is inlaid with designs in silver and decorated with sophisticated art that is defined as the Mammen style.

Viking warriors would often name their weapons, and we know of 17 axe names from the Norse sagas. They were often named after she-trolls and giants. King Magnus Barelegs called his axe Hel, after the goddess of the underworld. Other axe names include Witch of the Helmet, Wolf of the Wound, Fiend of the Shield, and Woundbiter.

While the Axe was important among the Scandinavian Vikings, it was even more important among their Slavic cousins. While the Vikings wore Mjolnir Thor’s Hammer amulets as symbols of protection, the Slavs wore Perun’s Axe pendants, also called Mjolnir. Perun was the god of thunder in Slavic religion and has a similar role as a protector.

Almost all of our axe bracelets are wrap around brackets with a leather or band from another material that you can wrap around your wrist two or three times, depending on the size of your wrist.

They have a hook and eye closure with an axe shaped symbol in a precious metal acting as the hook.

We have given the different designs of our bracelets strong Viking names, including Gunnar, Vilfrid, Sloveg, Svein, Olrik, Uvard, Kjeld, and Alfgard.

Keep yourself equipped at all time to take on the world like a Viking by always carrying your own personal axe on you!