Viking Leather Bracelets

Nowadays, jewelry is added to an outfit to enhance the final look. This was true even in the Viking age. However, jewelry had more functions back then; it was used to make payment in trade exchanges and even as a symbol of protection. The materials used in a single piece of jewelry would also establish a person’s wealth and social status. While leather wasn’t a particularly expensive material, it’s easy to braid and this was a typical look in the Viking era.

Our collection of leather bracelets is diverse, you’ll find something in here to suit all tastes. Whether you want a simple braid, a wraparound style or something fancier, we have it all. Every one of our bracelets contain a symbol which the Vikings would have held in high regard, it’s up to you to choose which one you want.

Every single one of our bracelets have been made to a high standard using quality materials.