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Clothing Patches

Customize your favorite clothing with a distinctive Viking look with these iron-on patches featuring some of the most important Viking symbols.

💎 Simple to apply iron-on patches
💎 Important Viking symbols
💎 Mjolnir, the most common symbol worn by the Vikings in ancient times
💎 Vegvisir and Aegishjalmur symbols from the Icelandic magical grimoires

Symbols were very important in the Viking world and the Norse people often adorned themselves with important symbols, and now you can too! Add Viking-style to some of your favorite pieces of clothing with these iron-on symbols.

Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, was a common symbol of protection worn by the Vikings. More Mjolnir symbols survive from Viking times than all other symbols combined. The hammer invoked the protection of the god. It was also the main symbol used to demonstrate continued allegiance to the Norse gods well into the Christian period.

Aegishjalmur, the Norse Compass, is one of the magical runic staves found in the Icelandic grimoires. The Helm of Awe is also mentioned in many earlier texts. It was believed that wearing the symbol invoked the favor of Odin in battle. The warrior would either find the strength to defeat their enemies or display enough courage to ascend to Valhalla.

Vevgisir, another symbol from the grimoires, the Norse Compass was a wayfinding symbol. Whoever used it would not lose their way, even if they did not know where they were going. In modern Asatru, it has also become a symbol of spiritual guidance.

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Instructions for use:

1. Wet the back side (thin plastic layer) of the patch.

2. Place the back side on the fabric to be transferred.

3. Set the iron to the cotton temperature.

4. Cover the patch with a piece of fabric.

5. Apply the iron for 10-15 seconds, pressing hard.

6. Turn the garment over and apply the iron to the transferred area until it dries

OR use a textile press, it's even better!