About us

"As a child, I disguised myself as a Viking and raided in my imagination. As a teenager, I proudly wore my Thor's hammer amulet around my neck. It gave me strength and courage, and represented the noble values to which I aspired. As an adult, these interests became convictions: the values of family, courage, and responsibility"

V.K.N.G is a community of courageous/strong men and women who are proud of their cultural heritage.

Why does VKNG exist ? To reconnect with old values and beliefs to face today's sanitized world.

V.K.N.G is a French company with the mission of selling authentic, handcrafted, but affordable Nordic & Slavic jewelry and accessories, using only the highest quality materials. Craftsmen create unique and elegant bracelets, necklaces and rings, inspired by Viking culture and genuine Norse/Slavic symbolism.

We also aim to build and nurture a community of Viking enthusiasts, who enjoy the mythology and mystery of the ancient Norse culture. If you value Viking beliefs and ideals such as strength, honor, courage and innovation, and you have the courage to be different, then our line is made for you.

Our range is varied, including strong statement pieces as well as subtle and delicate items, but all with distinctive Viking flair. Designed for men and women, all our pieces are best worn with pride. The Viking style is not for everyone but that is okay with us.

V.K.N.G strives to provide the same quality service that we ourselves expect. We have established standards, and we aim to exceed them at every opportunity. If you have any questions about our company or our products, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Don't worry, there are no robots here, you will always speak to an enthusiastic member of the V.K.N.G team.


We believe that when something is made by hand by a skilled and passionate expert, it is imbued with that same spirit of passion and dedication.

Inspired by Nordic mythology and a passion for creative expression, each piece is a unique work of art. Fine detailing inspired by traditional Nordic symbols and patters, quality materials and expert craftsmanship combine to create attractive and lasting pieces that connect you to one of the world’s most distinguished ancient cultures.


The team is growing every year but today we are 13 people working for the success of V.K.N.G

Annie, Jessica, Audrey, Siun, Dragan, Petar, Jahz, Adrien, Alexander, Ivan, George, Alice and Loïc


Loïc, Alice and our son Armand


Photos by : MD Art > https://www.m-d-art.com/