Updated on 23/12/20

Currently, V.K.N.G delivers directly to your home anywhere in the world.

Dear customers,

A new containment is under way for most European countries. Including France.

We work tirelessly and literally, day and night to meet your demand and satisfy your legitimate primary need: To get your order as soon as possible !

We are just like you, that's why we have expanded the team, so that orders are processed immediately.

Many orders leave the same day if possible.

For orders of products "Made On Demand" we ship from Ukraine.

These orders are subject to the following contingencies : 
1) A new Covid virus was found in the UK, so European countries stop all passenger transportation including flights

2) the post offices are overloaded because of the Christmas holidays

3) Brexit trade agreement is not signed yet.We will ship parcels directly to the UK, USA, and other European countries to Belgium Hub instead of the UK Hub.
All orders are processing and will be shipped with delay.

We are at your disposal and at your listening

We organize ourselves as well as possible to answer your questions, thus, in order to facilitate communication, please privilege a contact via the form on the site.

In case of a problem with your order, we will contact you directly by e-mail.

Home delivery only and without signature.
In this particular period, many carriers no longer accept deliveries against signature. No worries, our packages are designed to be deposited directly in your mailbox. 

We exceptionally offer standard delivery from 70$ (instead of 80$).

Extended return conditions
The return and exchange times are exceptionally extended within 45 days.

Availability of products
Stocks are updated regularly to guarantee you a good delivery. All products offered on the site are available for order.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,
Thank you for your understanding and trust 💪

Alice, Loïc, Jessica, Annie, Audrey, Jamey, Thomas, Alexander, Viktor, George, Tanja and Mike : The V.K.N.G Team