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Valknut signet Sterling Silver ring

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💎Authentic symbol found throughout the Viking world
💎Sacred to Odin, god of war and king of the Norse gods
💎Represents Viking courage in the face of death
💎Made by expert craftsmen with the best materials


What does this jewelry represent ?

Do you have the heart of a Viking warrior? This signet ring is the perfect symbol of allegiance to Viking fearlessness.

The Valknut, which is Norwegian for knot of slain warriors, is a symbol of three interlocking triangles found throughout the Viking world.

It is always seen in associated with the dead and Odin and is considered to be the symbol of Valhalla.

It may have been used to indicated that the deceased was already in Valhalla.

It may also have been used as a way to summon the Valkyries to take the soul there, and to ward off other spirits that may wish to take the deceased to another afterlife.

Viking warriors did not fear death in battle, as they believed that if they died fighting bravely they would be taken to Valhalla, the hall of Odin, the god of war.

This meant that they had nothing to lose by giving it their all. The symbol of Valhalla also represents that bravery.

On this distinctive silver piece, the Valknut is surrounded by a circle of runes.

As well as being the Viking alphabet, they were also a magical tool that could be used to shape the world.

Like the Valknut, they were sacred to Odin. It was Odin who discovered the rune by hanging himself for nine days and nine nights while pierced by his own sword.

This ring is the perfect way to show off your Viking warrior credentials, and show your respect for Odin Allfather.


Color : Silver  Weight : 11,0 g Size : Frontal Width approx. 5/8" (16mm)(20mm)

Materials : Sterling Silver 925