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About Viking Historical Replicas

Explore our collection of genuine replicas of historical pieces from the Viking world and the Viking age. The collection includes jewelry and clothing, all handmade by expert craftsmen.

Looking for genuine Viking clothing for reenactments or to complete your authentic Viking look? In the collection you will find cotton under tunic shirts and woolen over tunic shorts to create the layered look. Match these with genuine style Viking trousers with button close fly and chausses, over trousers, and Braies Gisbert under shorts.

If you are more interested in jewelry, we have a wide collection of brooches, rings, necklaces, and more copies directly from genuine pieces from the Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Slavic archaeological records.

We have a small collection of bronze and pewter brooches copied from items found among grave goods. The Vikings wore these to secure their tunics and cloaks in place. You will find:

  • The Finlandia shield brooch in the Borre style dating from 10th century Finland.
  • A brooch copied from an example from 9th/10th century Uppakra in Sweden featuring a raven motif, referencing Odin.
  • Geometric pattern brooch copied from a find from 10the century Birka in Sweden in the Borre style.
  • Replica of an 11th century brooch from the Lindholm burial site at Aalborg in Denmark featuring the great beast motif.
  • Pair of brooches base don Vendel era find with turtle shape and stylistic representation of the face of Odin.

We also have a small collection of Anglo-Saxon pieces, including:

  • Replica of an Anglo-Saxon ring that belonged to Princess Æthelswith currently in the British Museum.
  • Replica or a silver ring round in the Thames River using typical Norse art and now in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Other Viking replicas in the collection include:

  • Birka style ring with various examples found across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and even as far east as Poland in the 10th and 11th
  • Gotland style ring copied from a ring discovered in a hoard from Gotland in Sweden dating to the 10th or 11th
  • Replica of a bronze ring with dragon head details in the Ringerike art style found in northern Sweden.
  • Cuff bracelet based on example from Orupgard, Falster in Denmark and currently in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.
  • Serpent head arm ring base don find from Gotalnd in Sweden.
  • Arm ring with triangle design based on find from the Orkney Islands.
  • Earrings featuring a Gotland sphere, a quartz sphere found in the 11the century Viking settlement at Domerarve on Gotland Island in Sweden.
  • Mammen style arm ring based on Thorleif Cross from the Isle of Man dating from the 8th
  • Freyja pendant based on a piece from Tuna in Sweden dating to the 9th or 10th
  • Raven amulet based on item from the 7th century found at Gotland in Sweden.
  • Finnish Ukko axe pendant base don 8th century authentic piece.
  • Borre style pendant copied from an example from Little Snoring in England dating to the 10th It resembles six pieces found in the Malaren Valley in central Sweden.
  • Replica of a gold plaque from 6th century Denmark featuring two lovers, probably Freyr and the giantess Gerdr.
  • Warrior head pendant based on a 10th century piece found at Gnezdivi in Russia.

Naturally, there are many Mjolnir pendants in the collection, all base don genuine symbols worn during the Viking age.

  • Fossi Mjolnir pendant from 10th century Iceland.
  • 10th century Mjolnir pendant from the Skane area in Sweden.
  • Mjolnir pendant from Odeshog, Ostergotland in Sweden.
  • Mjolnir pendant from Romersdal in Denmark dating to the 10th century and featuring the Dagaz rune.
  • 10th century Mjolnor from the Isle of Nar in Gotland, Sweden.

If you are looking for genuine pieces that you know would have been worn by our Viking ancestors, then you will find something to interest you in our collection of historical replicas.